Manufacturing and retail supply
of engineering chains all over Russia
Manufacturing and retail supply
of engineering chains all over Russia

We make reliable chains

  • For various industries
  • Warranty up to 2 years
  • Delivery all across the country

Our mission

Solving customers' problems related to chain drives, conveyor and transport systems, improving the quality indicators of the applied chains and increasing their service life by introducing technological solutions into the design.

Online constructors

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Benefits of working with us

Our own production
We produce a wide range of chain products for all industries.
Quality Control
Quality control from incoming goods inspection to final product acceptance testing.
Customized orders
We manufacture products according to customers` drawings and samples. We offer our own technical solutions.
Engineering Department
Highly qualified engineering staff, we are not afraid of complicated projects.
Value for money
We offer the best variant in terms of price/quality ratio.
Flexible pricing
We take into consideration volume, terms of payment. Large discounts for regular and wholesale customers.

Shipping across Russia

  • Timely and quality cargo delivery at affordable prices.
  • We work according to our contract of delivery
  • Optimal delivery time - from 1 to 3 months, depending on the complexity of the product
  • Quality packaging, preservation for long-term storage of chains and sprockets

How to order online

You fill out an order form
Find out the technical requirements for your product
Calculation of your products
Quick calculation of the price - within 1 to 3 working days
We sign a contract
We coordinate the estimate and the contract. Our prices are clear and transparent
We prepare your products in our own production within the set term
We observe delivery terms responsibly. Ensure absolute cargo safety
Our products come with an extended warranty period of 18 to 24 months.

Engineering solutions and options for chains

Innovative solutions for the reliability of our chains
Optionally available with anti-corrosion coating - galvanized (coating the parts with a layer of zinc to protect the chain against corrosion)
Pin/bushing with lubrication channels
Designs with lubrication holes are possible
Polyamide coating
The chains are equipped with polyamide-coated rollers/polyamide rollers can also be used
Roller bearing
The rollers in these chains are fitted with anti-friction bearings / rolling bearings can also be used
Special material
Special materials are incorporated in the chain design
Welding pin
For this type of chain, it is possible to reinforce the construction by wrapping the rollers and bushings
For low temperatures
These chains are suitable for use at critically low temperatures (below -30 degrees Celsius)
Stainless Steel
Chain is made of stainless steel / stainless steel can be produced
For hot temperatures
Available in high-temperature steels (for applications up to +1000 degrees Celsius)
Sprockets or chain wheels can be manufactured and supplied for this type of chain

Company reviews

The principle of our work is quality and strict adherence to deadlines so that our customers return to us.
K. S. Korshunkov
Director of "Automobiles and specialized machinery" LLC.
We consider it possible to recommend products manufactured under the brand of LLC PC "CEPRUS" for use as spare parts for domestic and imported...
April 2019
Original review
A.N. Sveshnikov
CEO of JSC "Penzaholod"
JSC "Penzaholod" has been cooperating with LLC PC "CEPRUS" since 2017 and can recommend this company as a reliable partner for specialty deliveries...
October 2019
Original review
E. V. Sosegov
Chief Engineer of LLC "Sladkaya Sloboda"
LLC "Sladkaya Sloboda" would like to note the company's high potential
February 2019
Original review
R. Z. Gilvanov
Acting Chief Engineer of JSC "Kazanskiy MEZ"
The staff of the production company "CEPRUS" provides technical support promptly and expertly. The high quality of the delivered products...
June 2019
Original review
A. G. Lukyanov
Director of underground projects of CIS JRC "Orika CIS"
Through all the time of cooperation this company has shown its ability to approach the assigned tasks with full responsibility, to deliver with high quality...
August 2019
Original review
V. V. Savchenko
Promptness in processing requests, competitive prices, informational support from our technical experts, optimal delivery time and high quality...
October 2018
Original review

Our customers

Successful experience in the design and production of special chains - more than 12 years with various companies