Manufacturing and retail supply
of engineering chains all over Russia
Manufacturing and retail supply
of engineering chains all over Russia

Chains for waste sorting plants

Every year more than 40 million tons of solid waste is accumulated in Russia. About 80% of the waste mass consists of useful materials. Part of the solid waste mass is recycled, which is done at waste sorting and recycling plants.

It all starts at the reception area. The first phase of recycling consists of tearing the bags and shredding the waste. This is necessary for further mechanized sorting. The shredded waste goes on a chain conveyor to a separator with magnets to remove ferrous metals. From the metal separator, the waste goes to the disc sieves designed to separate from the main mass of the shredded waste. Then the main mass is separated into fractions: polymers and plastics, waste paper and cardboard, and a high-calorie fraction for solid fuel production.

In EU countries, the fuel replaces coal and gas in cement production, for example, 2 tons of such fuel can replace 1,000 cubic meters of natural gas.

"CEPRUS" is a supplier of chains for various types of conveyors, such as conveyors for waste sorting and feeding conveyors. Our company is the main supplier for the largest manufacturers of waste sorting complexes.

The operating conditions in waste sorting plants place high demands on traction elements, especially such as chains. Increased humidity, abrasion, organic dirt, all adversely affect the chain materials.

"CEPRUS" company has developed and put into mass production a unique chain "TBO-125 EURO", which has successfully proven itself in the largest waste processing plants in the country.

We are ready to offer chains for waste-sorting plants from Husmann, PRESSMAX, Prosort Standart, Abono, Europlan, ECOMASHGROUPP and Megalion and many others.

Traction chains P-80, 100, 125, 200, 250 mm, M80-3-125-1-1,2-1-1-1, TBO-125 EURO are made only from high-quality materials with optimally selected heat treatment modes and tolerances. We will help you with the optimum selection of materials and heat treatment temperatures. Our chains are resistant to wear and tensile stress, have a safety margin, and are highly efficient.

Along with quality chains, "CEPRUS" company is also ready to offer production of sprockets for all types of chains. Our technicians will help you to choose sprocket parameters according to the given chain pitch. An important factor for increasing the durability of chain transmission is the correct selection of materials and hardness of products. We offer single-row and multi-row sprockets made of structural carbon steel with the high-frequency current technology of teeth hardening. Sprockets manufactured in the same factory as the chains are a perfect match between the sprocket teeth and the chain rotation bodies.

Production company "CEPRUS" offers quality solutions to complex problems!