Manufacturing and retail supply
of engineering chains all over Russia
Manufacturing and retail supply
of engineering chains all over Russia


One of the priority activities of PC "CEPRUS" is the design and manufacture of screws according to specifications, sketches, or drawings of customers.

The prototype of the real screws is the "Archimedean screw" invented back in 250 BC, which was driven by windmills and served to feed water into irrigation canals.

Screws are actively used in conveyors and transporters of bulk materials. It is important to understand that it is not advisable to use augers for conveying sticky, self-compacting, and highly abrasive materials!

The advantage of transporting materials using augers is their versatility and ease of use.

It is possible to manufacture screws both of ordinary alloyed and structural steels and of stainless steels, according to the requirements of customers. An additional advantage is the production of wear-resistant versions. The edges of auger blades are clad with wear-resistant alloys, which significantly increases the wear resistance and hardness of the auger blades.

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