Manufacturing and retail supply
of engineering chains all over Russia
Manufacturing and retail supply
of engineering chains all over Russia

Chains for the woodworking industry

Forests are the wealth of our Motherland!

Chains for the woodworking industry

Russia ranks first in the world in the amount of forest area, namely 45% of the country's territory. The timber industry complex (TIC) is one of the most important sectors for the economy of our country, because the use of wood is extremely important in the modern world. Wood is the most common building material for the production of furniture, matches, fuel briquettes, plywood, cardboard, paper, etc. Every day, various woodworking enterprises produce a huge amount of lumber from round timber. For this, special lines with chain conveyors are installed in the workshops in production.

Chains are constantly exposed to negative factors such as: shock loads, deformation during operation, as well as moisture, temperature changes, the ingress of abrasives, dirt and sand, or the influence of aggressive vapors and liquids. Premature circuit failure can damage expensive equipment.

Even a small unscheduled shutdown at a plant can adversely affect the entire production cycle of a company.

Chains for the woodworking industry

Chains for the woodworking industry

Chains for the woodworking industry


Our chains are built to increase productivity and minimize downtime!

We are aware of the responsibility of costly downtimes of modern equipment, therefore CEPRUS technologists always take into account the needs and features of chain operation and are ready to work on new technological solutions. Our experts are always ready to help you and find technical solutions for your requirements. To improve the quality of products, we are ready to improve.

The advantages of our chains:

  • Welding of rollers and bushings allows to increase resistance to shock loads (increases breaking loads up to 50%); Bead welding
  • "V" -shaped groove in the plate is made by countersinking the holes for the rollers, followed by welding - this leads to a strengthening of the structure for work in difficult operating conditions;
  • Chains with lubrication channels. Lubrication of the chain joints during operation prevents wear, stretching and prevents rust; Chains with oil channels
  • The selection of optimal materials makes it possible to operate chains that experience high loads, in conditions of critical temperatures and aggressive environments; Selection of optimal materials

"Production company CEPRUS is a supplier of high-quality engineering chains for all processes in the woodworking and pulp and paper industry:

  • Chains for DPC (wood preparation shops);
  • Chains for chippers "VECOPLAN";
  • Conveyor chains for removing bark, chips, sawdust from ANDRITZ, WEG;
  • Chains for the log sorting and sawing line "Nordautomation", "HEKOTEK", "Linck", "Heinola", "Sawmill Machinery", "Almab";
  • Chains for debarking drums (with rounding function) "Valon", "KoneСambio 75", "Söderhamn Eriksson", "USNR", "СamShift";
  • Chains for supplying sawlogs to the sawmill "Linck";
  • Chains for the sorting line for raw and dry lumber (veneer, sawlog, boards) Hekotek, Söderhamn Eriksson, Heinola Sawmill Machinery, HEKO, Springer;
  • Chains for sawmill profiling lines "Linck", "EWD", "Heinola Sawmill Machinery", "Söderhamn Eriksson", "AriVislanda", "USNR";
  • Chains for the drying line (driving drum drive chains) "Hekotek", "Heinola Sawmill Machinery";
  • Chains for chippers "BRUKS", "Heinola Sawmill Machinery";
  • Chains for timber processing complexes "USNR";
  • Chains for chip conveyors;
  • Chains for the production line of pellets or briquettes;
  • Chain for paper machines (paper machines);
  • Chains of the hot press line chipboard "Siempelkam";
  • Chains for chipboard line "Dieffenbacher VITS";
  • Chains for waste disposal conveyor "Hekotek", "USNR".

Our chains are for customers who value quality and reliability!

Along with high-quality chains, the CEPRUS company is ready to offer the production of sprockets for all types of chains. Our technical experts will help you choose the parameters of the sprocket for a given chain pitch. An important factor for increasing the durability of the chain drive is the correct selection of materials and hardness of the product.

Chains for the woodworking industry

We offer single-row and multi-row sprockets made of structural carbon steel with HDTV teeth hardening. As well as sprockets and sprockets made of stainless steel, bronze, brass, Hardox steel.

Sprockets made in the same factory with chains - this is the perfect mesh between the teeth of the sprocket and the chain links!

For advice, you can always contact the specialists of our company by phone (8332) 711-321 or by sending a request to the e-mail address!

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