Manufacturing and retail supply
of engineering chains all over Russia
Manufacturing and retail supply
of engineering chains all over Russia

Conveyor chains and chain wheels for fiber deposition and polymerization chambers

Stone wool is an innovative material for thermal insulation. It is considered a highly effective product that insulates better than similar materials.

Stone wool production is a complex, multi-stage technological process, which consists of melting the rock - basalt at a temperature of 1200-1500°C. After that, the liquid lava-like mass with the help of a centrifuge, special filters based on fusible metals by strong air flows is drawn into stone fibers. Various water-repellent additives and plasticizers are added to the obtained fibers, and the polymerization process takes place at a temperature of about 200°C.

The result is a continuous fiber of mineral wool, which is cut according to the required dimensions into finished blocks of basalt thermal insulation.

«CEPRUS» company offers to supply traction plate conveyor chains with elements for fastening slats and other special elements for cross conveyors, fiber deposition chambers, polymerization chambers, packaging lines, as well as sprockets for these chains.

Conveyor chains offered by «CEPRUS» are designed for conveyors:

  • Removal of residual rock wool, abrasive debris;
  • Fibers forming lines into a continuous cloth of rock wool (fiber deposition chamber);
  • Strip proofing lines with resins (polymerization chamber);
  • Product packaging lines.

Conveyor chains and chain wheels

Products supplied by «CEPRUS» are used for both imported and domestic equipment.

A distinctive feature of products supplied by «CEPRUS» is the highest quality and reliability of chains:

  • use of special steels for all chain elements (perfectly matched materials and hardnesses of parts to the operating conditions reduce the risk of premature chain failure);
  • the use of welded rollers paired with a «V-shaped» groove in the plate allows to increase the breaking load of chains by 50% (for example, a traction chain of M224 series has a breaking load of at least 350 kN);
  • The design of stepped rollers, flattened bushings, special hardening methods of parts, high-quality materials, assembly of chains and welding of rollers by automatic robots allow to obtain the minimum total side gap and high reliability and breaking load of chains.

Conveyor chains and chain wheels

Cooperating with many leading European manufacturers of chain products, we are confident in the quality of delivered products, which is confirmed by the extended warranty of 18-24 months.

The production of insulation materials is labor-intensive and expensive, and production downtime is unacceptable and very costly for companies. We are aware of the responsibility and the extreme importance of supplying reliable chains. Cooperation with «CEPRUS» has enabled our customers to avoid unplanned downtime and reduce the cost of chain and sprocket replacement.

Individual approach, solving problems related to chain drives - this is the key to successful and effective work of «CEPRUS» company.

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