Manufacturing and retail supply
of engineering chains all over Russia
Manufacturing and retail supply
of engineering chains all over Russia

Chains for rake bar screens and sand trap conveyors

Rake bar screens

Rake bar screens and sand trap conveyors are designed for the extraction of large and medium-sized wastewater from industrial and domestic sewage with its subsequent mechanized unloading to a conveying device or waste collector.

Rake bar screens and sand traps are installed in sewage pumping stations (SPS) of wastewater pumping and in the grid buildings on the site of the treatment plants. They are driven by traction plate and forked chains.

"CEPRUS" specialists have developed and implemented new technological solutions for chains operating in an aggressive environment, which improved their technical characteristics.

Depending on the requirements and operating conditions, we offer different materials for different types of chains, for example:

Грабельные цепи

  • Chains made of SS304 (08Cr18Ni10T) (authentic - stainless steel) or SS420 (martensitic stainless steel);
  • Wear-resistant carbon steels (18CrGT, 20CrMnTi);
  • Application of special coatings (chrome plating, zinc plating, nickel plating);
  • Special chain elements can be made of polyamide materials (UPE1000, PA6);
  • Reinforcing the structure through structural and technological solutions.

Common chains in this industry are:

  • Hollow roller traction chains, including those made of stainless steels;
  • Traction plate chains with polyamide rollers;
  • Chains with diamond-shaped plate outline with or without a technological hole;
  • Sprockets made of bronze, copper, brass, carbon and stainless steels.

Chains for rakes and grit conveyors Chains for rakes and grit conveyors Chains for rakes and grit conveyors

"CEPRUS" company offers high-quality chains for rake bar screens of domestic and imported equipment for delivery:

Грабельные цепи

  1. Mechanical bar screen chain HANS HUBER AG (Germany);
  2. Rake bar screen chain RKE, RSC, RKKT, RMKE (EKOTON, Russia);
  3. Rake bar screen chain AR (RIOTEK, Russia);
  4. Vökker rake bar screen chain (Russia);
  5. Rake bar screen Chain RGO and RTO (Russia);
  6. Chains for rake and mechanized bar screens according to individual orders based on customers' specifications.

"CEPRUS" specialists will select the best design and application materials for more efficient and long-lasting chains and sprockets.

Cooperation with our company allows you to significantly increase the service life of chains, reduce the cost of purchasing chains, reduce equipment downtime for frequent replacement of chains.

For consultations and cost calculations, you can contact the specialists of the sales department at (8332) 711-321 or send your request to!

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