Manufacturing and retail supply
of engineering chains all over Russia
Manufacturing and retail supply
of engineering chains all over Russia

Chains for oil extraction and compound feed mills.

Vegetable (sunflower, it is also lean) oil has been known in Russia since the first half of the 19th century. Having gained immense popularity, it has entered our daily life as a product, without which it is impossible to prepare hot dishes or dress salads. Today, there are several dozen large oil extraction plants operating on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Conveyor chains with various shapes of scrapers are used at almost all stages of oilseed processing. At some stages of processing, for example, the moisture-heat treatment of the pulp of the chain must be adapted to the operating conditions at temperatures from 90 to 105 °C. When extracting oil, the chains operate in an aggressive environment of organic solvents and require special attention.

Chains for oil extraction plants

The production of vegetable oil and by-products is a complex and multi-stage process, which involves a large number of lines and conveyors:

  • Submersible conveyor chains;
  • Bagasse conveyor chains;
  • Feed conveyor chains;
  • Extraction line chains;
  • Extrusion line chains.

Chains for oil extraction and feed mills

Chains for oil extraction and feed mills


We have accumulated rich experience in manufacturing and supplying chains for all technological stages of sunflower oil production. We can confidently offer our customers conveyor chains that are optimal in design and materials, which will be reliable in operation and will not stop the uninterrupted production process.

Our company can offer engineering services of selection and modernization of chain drives for all types of conveyor equipment, including those operated in aggressive, acidic environments and in conditions of high temperatures and humidity. The material of the chain links and rollers (40Cr, AISI304 / 316/420), scrapers and linings is selected by taking into account the operating conditions of the conveyor chain.

The CEPRUS company has accumulated a rich and successful experience in the supply of non-standard WRX / WHX series chains with various forms of scrapers, including with liners made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW PE).

Chains for oil extraction and feed mills

"CEPRUS" is ready to offer chains and traction devices for supply both for domestic conveyors (GZPTO "Elevatormelmash" (Gorokhovets), VORONEZHELEVATORMELMASH, MELINVEST, ROMAX, etc.) and for imported equipment (GUTTRIDGE, MITCHELLS, etc.)

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