Manufacturing and retail supply
of engineering chains all over Russia
Manufacturing and retail supply
of engineering chains all over Russia

Chains for meat processing plants and fish factories

One of the areas of work of the company "CEPRUS" are stainless and corrosion-resistant chains for food processing lines. "CEPRUS" chains are successfully used in poultry farms, agro holdings, meat processing plants, fish and canning plants.

We offer drive roller chains with special elements, stainless and galvanized pulling slat chains, as well as sprockets for these chains. In many areas of slaughtering, exsanguination, and primary carcass processing lines the driving or pulling chains with obligatory anticorrosion protection are the pulling bodies of conveyors.

"CEPRUS" chains have successfully replaced imported chains and operate in large meat-processing plants on carcass resting and scalding lines, such as complex meat separator (boning and deboning) chains or "sausage" chains.

PC "CEPRUS" LLC develops and implements innovative solutions, which allows improving technical characteristics of chains:

  • Chains made of SS304 (08Cr18Ni10T) (authentic - stainless steel), SS316 or SS420 (martensitic stainless steel);
  • Know-how - Specially coated chains (e.g. titanium nitride). To increase the breaking load and wear resistance, we coat chain shafts and bushings with a special composition of titanium nitride, which increases the service life of the chains;
  • Galvanized chains;
  • Nickel-plated chains;
  • Chrome-plated chains;
  • Sprockets for all kinds of chains. Including the bushes from Taper bush. Available in various materials: stainless steel, bronze, copper, brass, carbon steel.

The main task of "CEPRUS" specialists is to find solutions for the selection and modernization of chain pulling elements, import substitutions of products of foreign equipment suppliers, not inferior in quality and sometimes superior to similar chains. Contact "CEPRUS" specialists (8332) 711-321 or by e-mail at

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